Fire & Egress modeling

Our #1 service offering is computational fire and egress modeling, utilized in performance based designs and sizing of smoke control systems.  These analyses can greatly reduce mechanical and architectural impacts on your projects.

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CONTAM is a multizone building airflow model, extensively used for the design and analysis of smoke management systems.  Specifically, we can assess adequate shaft pressurization rates taking into account other building mechanical systems and construction types.

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Third party reviews of another firm's designs, specifically performance based, can save valuable project time and budgets.  In addition, section 909 of the International Building Code requires Special Inspections & Acceptance Testing for smoke control systems.

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Our Message

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC is here to provide innovative and complete design solutions to challenges faced by our clients located across the United States and globally.  From small two-story atria, to million square foot entertainment and commercial structures, we can provide the design solutions you need to overcome fire protection challenges, increase life safety, and obtain cost saving measures for you and your design team.

Founded in 2018, we strive to provide unsurpassed fire protection engineering consulting services.  Focused on smoke control and egress analyses, our streamlined approach and technical expertise in computational fire, smoke, and egress modeling have translated cost and time savings to our clients.

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