Verizon Tower Code Consulting


Provided fire and life safety code analysis services during the permitting stage of tenant upfits to a tower shelter building, a relatively poorly defined occupancy in the code structure.

The Approach

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC (Consultant) completed a code analysis for a Verizon Tower project located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The overall scope of this analysis was to evaluate the shelter building housing communication and accessory equipment serving the tower, as it related to fire protection and life safety requirements.  Specifically, the City of Raleigh inquired on code compliance specific to automatic smoke detection and suppression for the building.  The shelter was undergoing tenant upgrades, including a new HVAC unit and other electrical components.

As a result of this analysis, final permitting was approved by the City, through confirming the following:

  1. Appropriate occupancy classification
  2. Automatic fire suppression requirements
  3. Automatic fire alarm requirements
  4. Utilization of a remote supervising station at a switch site
  5. Appropriate means of egress

Benefit to the Design Team

The code analysis letter provided the design team and AHJ with the required fire & life safety code provisions specific to this facility.  This type of occupancy is not well-defined in the code, and the code analysis letter delivered outlined the requirements.

Project details

  • Year: 2020
  • Project: Verizon Tower Code Analysis
  • Client: Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc.
  • Benefit to the Team: Well defined code requirements
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