2540 Meridian Parkway


Provided Revit coordinated performance level Construction Documents/Permit set for the automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system.

The Approach

We performed performance level design documents (CD/Permit set) for the automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system to be installed within this 100,000+ sq ft. Class A office building on Meridian Parkway in Durham, North Carolina.  At the request of the client, fire protection was included in the Revit coordinated design process.  This approach led several key items being identified to the design team in earlier stages than typically expected, including the following:

  1. Early determination of riser room size and location
  2. Optimized hydraulic calculations, eliminating the need for a fire pump
  3. Identification of coordination (“clashing”) issues with other trades, specifically main HVAC trunk lines.
  4. Coordination of fire protection system components including FDC, backflow preventer, and Fire Department access lanes.
  5. Consistent bid packages from fire protection contractors due to well documented and detailed Permit set.

Benefit to the Design Team

Our early involvement in the Schematic Design phase of this project led to numerous insightful findings, for what is usually considered a typical office building.

Project details

  • Year: 2019
  • Project: 2540 Meridian Parkway
  • Customer: Crenshaw Consulting Engineers
  • Benefit to the Team: Increased Coordination Early in Design
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