Greensboro Science Center Carousel


Provided fire protection code analysis and engineering judgment regarding the fire sprinkler design requirements for a science center carousel.

The Approach

We performed an evaluation and code analysis on the carousel enclosure itself, carousel construction and operation, and risks associated with the to-be-installed carousel to determine that the occupancy classification meets the intent of a light-hazard (LH).

In accordance with NFPA 13, it is up to a registered design professional and the AHJ to determine the appropriate classification for an automatic sprinkler system.  For this specification project, the follow design considerations led to the conclusion of light-hazard for the carousel enclosure.

  • Type IIB building construction
  • Class A interior finishes
  • Carousel powered by low voltage electric motor, not hydraulics
  • Combustible components of carousel limited, and ignition of such difficult
  • Possible ignition sources of carousel separated from combustible components
  • No known fire events from this carousel manufacturer
  • Additional levels of level safety provided by the NCBC 411 requirements

Estimated Cost-Savings

Our initial evaluation and judgement resulted in hydraulic calculations which were supported by the available water supply.  The appropriate classification of this facility resulted in the omission of a fire pump for this project, providing a savings of approximately $80,000.

Project details

  • Year: 2019
  • Project: Greensboro Science Center Carousel
  • Customer: Samet Corporation
  • Estimated Savings: $80,000
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