Brunswick Forest Pool & Fitness Center


Hydraulic analysis to evaluate the available water supply against design conditions during early DD phase.

The Approach

We were retained by the design team to evaluate if the available water supply was adequate when evaluated against design conditions for the automatic sprinkler system to be installed.  Due to poor water supply in the area, coupled with the need for a dry-pipe system protecting a combustible attic space, this evaluation was critical in addition to the more common provision of the standard “NFPA 13 compliant” verbiage typically seen on contract-level documents.  We were able to quickly perform hydraulic calculations based on the most demanding hydraulic calculation area, which was determined to be a conditioned combustible attic space.  The results of our analysis indicated that a fire pump would not be required, utilizing a recently completed hydrant flow test and a performance-level representative sprinkler piping layout.

Benefit to the Design Team

Our involvement provided increased coordination and design expectations in early design phases, consistent bids from sprinkler contractors, and decreased add-services in later phases of the project.

Project details

  • Year: 2020
  • Project: Brunswick Fores Pool & Fitness Center
  • Client: CBHF Engineers
  • Benefit to the Team: Increased Coordination Early in Design
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