ACES Hemp Oil Facility


Provided fire protection analysis specifically in regard to design considerations for the automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system protecting a hemp oil manufacturing and storage facility.

The Approach

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC provided a fire protection analysis specifically examining the design criteria for the automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system protecting the American Cultivation & Extraction Services (ACES) Hemp Oil Facility located in Eden, North Carolina.  Through completing a site-survey and code analysis, the overall storage arrangements and production processes were defined, including methods of storage, transport to various locations of the process line, the extraction process itself, and maximum expected quantities of materials within locations of the facility.  Due to the hazards associated with the various processes in place, as well as the inclusion of per-installed suppression systems within some of the systems, the intent of this analysis was to assist the fire sprinkler contractor to ensure that the existing sprinkler system, and any modifications required thereof, would adequately protect this facility which included the storage of combustible and flammable liquids.

Benefit to the Design Team

The fire protection analysis completed resulting in direct and clear approaches to required fire protection facilities for this facility.  This resulted in an adequate scope and fee from the sprinkler contractor upon request for their services.

Project details

  • Year: 2019
  • Project: ACES Hemp Oil Facility
  • Client: Fire Sprinkler Service, LLC
  • Benefit to the Team: Clear and Direct Design Requirements
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