30 Independence Boulevard


Provided fire and egress modeling to determine a smoke control system for a corporate office building.

The Approach

Fire & egress modeling was utilized to determine the required exhaust capacity and makeup air serving a six-story corporate office building atrium.  In accordance with Section 909 of the IBC, an atrium smoke control system capable of maintaining a tenable smoke layer 6 feet above the highest walkable area was required.  Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC worked with the design team to strategically separate off upper floor levels from the atrium, which resulted in the smoke layer being able to descend further within the space.  Algebraic hand calculations initially performed indicated an exhaust capacity in excess of 250,000 CFM.  The completed fire and egress modeling approach resulted in a final exhaust capacity of 90,000 CFM.  In addition, the modeling approach determined an appropriate natural makeup air scheme through utilizing doors on automatic openers.  Due to the relatively small footprint of the atrium, the effect that makeup air velocity had on fire scenarios was significant, and a wall balanced scheme was required to be determined.

Estimated Cost-Savings

A 64% decrease in mechanical exhaust demand resulted in a significant decrease in required makeup air as well.  It is estimated that this analysis resulted in approximately $150,000 of savings to the client, as well as decreased the architectural impact of louvered makeup air openings.


Project details

  • Year: 2019
  • Project: 30 Independence Blvd Atrium
  • Customer: Associated Technology, Inc. (ATI)
  • Estimated Savings: $150,000+
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