Fire Protection System Design

Fire Protection System Design


Fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and special hazard system design utilizing the latest tools and REVIT integration.


The importance of the design of fire sprinkler systems is an often-overlooked item within the design team, specifically during early coordination of a project.  A fire protection engineer (FPE) can prove beneficial to the design team by utilizing their expertise to provide guidance and recommendations during early design.  Although plumbing and mechanical engineers often can perform contract-level drawings and design documents, an FPE can propel these documents to the next level.  Look towards an FPE to provide some of the following:

  • Identification of hazard classes and design requirements
  • Hydraulic analysis as it relates to available water supply and the need for a fire pump in early design stages
  • Early coordination on needed pipe runs to pipe sizing
  • Detailed contract-level/permit set drawings, leading to more consistent bid packages and decreased change-orders from contractors
  • Increased coordination to provide an aesthetically pleasing system layout
  • Specifications and system that meets the needs of the client and design team

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC routinely provides fire sprinkler design services for our clients, including through the use of REVIT integrated design processes.

An issue all too common in the Fire Alarm industry is that contractors often are asked to bid on installation of Fire Alarm systems based on low quality Fire Alarm construction/design documents. Ultimately, higher quality construction/design documents will reduce the cost of the Fire Alarm system for the building owner by allowing contractors to provide bids that can be evaluated “apples-to-apples”; this decreases confusion during the bidding process and minimizes or eliminates change orders.

Fire protection engineers provide the following additional value to your design team and client:

  • Provide a clear, well defined fire alarm scope
  • Provide specifications and requirements to the type of fire alarm system(s) required
  • Increased coordination of fire alarm equipment
  • Increased coordination with other disciplines
  • Consistent utilization of standardized symbols and diagrams
  • Appropriate audibility, intelligibility, and candela ratings
  • Thorough contract level/permit set design documents, leading to consistent bid packages and decrease change-orders from contractors

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC provides our client with fire alarm design services, ensuring this level of increased coordination is obtained.

In certain circumstances, special hazard fire protection systems are required to protect high-asset or high-vulnerability locations in a building or process.  These systems are currently seen in data centers, industrial applications, aircraft hangars, museums and archives, and other special application processes.  Fire protection engineers are able to analyze the appropriate type of system required to protect these hazards, such as through the use of alternative suppression agents other than wet-pipe sprinklers.  These systems may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Deluge sprinkler systems
  • Foam/Foam-Water systems
  • Dry- and Wet-Chemical fire protection systems
  • Clean-agent fire protection systems (FM 200, CO2, Novec 1230)

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC provides clearly defined and well-designed fire protection drawings and specifications for these special hazard applications, ensuring that these systems are appropriate for the hazard they are intended to protect.