Code Consulting

Code Consulting


Building and Fire Code consulting services, from egress requirements to applicability of high-hazard requirements.


Building and fire codes, specifically the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) with your jurisdictional adoptions, can be a convoluted and confusing text to navigate.  As an architect or member of design team, we understand the frustration that results when code provisions are overlooked or not well understood.  That is where Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC comes into play.  Our years of experience navigating and understanding the code as it relates to fire protection and life safety allow us to relay this information in an effective manner to the team, as well as identify significant code implications that may otherwise have gotten missed.  Do not wait upon going for your Certificate of Occupancy (CO) to find out that an item was “missed” in a plan review.  Engage a fire protection engineer early to provide a smooth navigation through the codes.  This will lead to the following benefits:

  • Reduce scheduling conflicts
  • Decrease in change-orders and design changes in late stages of a project
  • Identification of alternatives that can lead to increased design opportunities
  • Strong code interpretations that may apply specifically to your project
  • Building Fire & Life Safety reports, documenting code requirements for your specific building

A Building Fire and Life Safety Narrative, or Building Fire and Life Safety Report, is a document utilized by the design team, stakeholders, and authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to understand the components and features required for the specific building being evaluated.  This document is utilized almost as a guideline throughout the design and review process to ensure that key code requirements are hit.  The report includes, in general, the following information:

  • Building description and introduction
  • Applicable laws, regulations, and standards
  • Design responsibilities for fire protection systems
  • Special considerations (i.e. historic preservation)
  • Fire detection and suppression systems to be installed
  • Mean of egress systems and components
  • Special considerations (i.e. smoke control, hazardous materials, etc.)
  • Testing criteria and methods

Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC can prepare these reports to assist your design team and keep the team guided throughout the design and construction process.